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Posted on - Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

2017 AIA Convention Expo in Orlando Florida

I just attended the 2017 AIA Convention Expo and met with some vendors about their new products for barrier free design.  I am not endorsing or recommending these products.  These are interesting products that might work well for barrier free applications.  I hope you find these interesting as well.

LIFT-U Accessor Convertible Walkway

I visited with the folks at LIFT-U on their convertible walkways.  If you are walking along a walkway (exterior or interior) and you encounter a change in level, this product will create a ramp for you with a push of a button.  It is surface mounted and will require electricity.  Below is a video of how it works.

lift u
Convertible walkway
One of the limitations with this product is that it will only go up to 6″ in height. The length of the ramp that it creates is only six feet long to achieve a 1:12 maximum slope at a 6″ maximum height curb.  So if you encounter a taller change in level, this product will not work for ADA compliance.  In addition, if you are approaching a door, it will only comply if there is a 60″ landing in front of the door.  But in general, this product seems to have a lot of potential.

Cavity Sliders

We visited with the folks at Cavity Sliders and they showed us their ADA Magnetic accessible hardware by Cavilock.  This lock is used for pocket or sliding doors and can be used with one hand, does not require tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist to operate and it requires less than 5 lbs to lock and unlock.

magnetic lock

 We ran across an interesting product that is installed onto any window to open and close it electronically.  This can be used any place that requires operable windows to be accessible.  Some examples are assisted living centers, schools, hotels etc.  The ADA requires that operable windows meet also the reach range and operation requirements.  The lock should be not only mounted within reach range (no higher than 48″ a.f.f.) but also not require more than 5 lbs to lock and unlock.  This mechanism assists in the opening and makes the windows accessible.

operable windows

Just Manufacturing

Just Manufacturing has come up with a way to have an accessible sink that is also deeper than 6 1/2″.  They taper than sink in the front 30 degrees which allows for proper knee clearance and makes the sink farther back which allows it to be deep for more practical uses.

File Apr 30_ 11 58 38 PM

ADA Enviro Series 30 degrees lavatory system.

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