Why bother?

Posted on - Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

As a TAS and ADA inspector I run across things that make me want to go huh?  Why did they even spend the money to do this?  Some things are just plain wrong, but some are just plain dumb.  Check out this “curb ramp”


The ADA requires a curb ramp wherever an accessible route crosses a curb.  This allows persons in wheelchairs to get onto the sidewalk.  We usually see these at parking access aisles if the parking is lower than the sidewalk.  I saw this “curb ramp” at a car rental store.  There is no level change between the parking access aisle and the accessible route.  They are in the same plane.  Obviously there is no need for a curb ramp (since there is no curb!)

So why did they want to create the  illusion of a curb ramp?  Did they want to cover their bases?  So dumb!