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Posted on - Monday, January 28th, 2008
A picture is worth a thousand words. This statement is even more appropriate for us designers when using codes. Below are a few pictorials that I find useful in understanding the Standards. Hope they help you as well.

Maneuvering clearances at doors

If you ever wondered why we needed to have 18″ at the pull side of the door, this sketch shows you that the person needs to have room to grab the door handle, get out of the way of the door and enter/exit the space.

This was taken from the ADAAG Manual page 55.
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Maneuvering clearances
Cane detection zone
Accessible showers

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Cane detection “protected zone”
The reason why the protruding object rule states that if objects are mounted on the wall between 27″ and 80″ a.f.f. they can only protrude 4″ from the wall is because that is the space where a cane cannot detect the objects. This would be considered an “unprotected” zone. Even outdoor objects must comply.

Accessible Showers

There are two showers for accessible design: transfer shower and roll in shower.

The transfer shower is one which the person in a wheelchair will park their wheelchair right outside the shower unit and using the grab bars will transfer into the shower. Once inside they sit on the seat provided and reach for the controls. This can only work in a 36″x36″ shower where the seat is placed on the opposite wall of the controls. See the figure below for a visual explanation

This graphicwas taken from the ADAAG Manual page 80.
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