Fair Housing Act

Posted on - Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

April 2009 Fair Housing Act

I would like to give equal treatment to other accessibility guidelines. So this newsletter will discuss a bit about Fair Housing Act. The Fair Housing Act pertains to multi-family residential facilities. It also refers back to ANSI and the Model codes.
Note: the tips in this newsletter only pertain to residential facilities.

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Folding grab bars
Inspector’s corner: Leasing office

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Are Condos covered by the Fair Housing Act?

I’m often asked whether a condo that is privately owned falls under the Fair Housing Act. If the condos are located in a building that houses four or more units, then those condos are “covered” by Fair Housing Act. (Covered by the Act means that those units must comply with the guidelines)
Regardless of whether you rent or own, the following is the criteria for what buildings are covered by the Fair Housing Act:
1. In buildings without an elevator, only the ground floor units are covered2. In buildings with an elevator, all units are covered3. In building with an elevator, but with some units that have two stories, then only the units that are accessed via an elevator like the figure below, are covered and must comply.
Folding Grab bars

If it is not possible to install “appropriate” wall mounted ANSI complying grab bars, then the Fair Housing Guidelines permit the installation of folding wall mounted, or floor mounted grab bars

Inspector’s corner: Leasing Office

In a multi-family housing club house/leasing office break area, they had a very nice vessel sink installed. Since this part of the club house/leasing office is not used exclusively by the residents and their guests, but rather potential tenants and staff people, then it must be accessible. The items that are not compliant are that there is no knee space at the sink. But also the counter is 34″ (which is an accessible height), but the rim of the sink is at 42″. Per 4.24 the counter or rim of sink must be mounted at 34″ a.f.f.