Applying the ADA on Existing and Altered Buildings

Learn the ins and outs of ADA when remodeling existing buildings.


Accessibility is fundamental in today’s architecture practice. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applies not only to new construction, but also when remodeling existing facilities—and the guidelines and exceptions can be confusing.

In this case-study course, we’ll present real-life examples of applying the ADA during renovations. Topics to be covered include:

  • The challenges of knowing how and when to apply the ADA to ensure accessibility compliance
  • The difference between an alteration and an alteration of an area containing a primary function
  • What happens if an existing building is not being altered, and what exceptions apply when an alteration occurs

Learning objectives

  • Learn the history of ADA and how it came about
  • Learn how to apply the standards on existing buildings
  • Lean how to apply the standards in altered buildings as well as altered areas that may contain a primary function
  • Understand any exceptions on when the ADA is applied and when it is not required

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