Help support service animal training

Posted on - Friday, February 11th, 2011

I have a great friend and colleague who spends her spare time training service dogs for people who are visually impaired.  She does it for the Southeastern Guide Dogs.  Suzanne Branch, owner of LUM, is the main trainer and has been doing it for 11 years.  I went out to eat once with her when she was training her dog.  It is incredible.  These dogs are so obedient and smart and my friend is so brilliant that she can train them to help the disabled get around.  And in order to be a trainer she has to keep the doggies from when they are puppies and raised them for a few years and then “graduates” them and turns them over to their new owner.  That in itself must be extremely difficult because you get so attached to the dogs.

Needless to say, they require food, vet visits and many more things which need funding.  Visit her blog and see how you can help!