DOJ Extends Compliance Date for Existing Pools to January 31, 2013

Posted on - Friday, May 18th, 2012

Because the hospitality industry was confused and concerned about what to do with their existing swimming pools to make them accessible, the DOJ decided to extend the deadline for removing barriers until January 2013. The reality is that existing pools are not exempted, and will require access. But the DOJ understands the burden this may have on existing facilities and therefore will only require compliance as it is “readily achievable”. This means that when there is enough money and opportunity to remove the barriers (or in the case of pools provide access), then the operator should make that happen. The facility owner should have a plan in place for when they can make their pools accessible and start the process when it is achievable.

But until then, the DOJ has given everyone with existing pools an extension for this to happen.

Read the new rule here