Posted on - Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

A friend of mine from Canada, Michael Mackenzie, posted this in our LinkedIn group, Abadi Accessiblity News.  This is what he said

Imagine you are a brilliant curious mind trapped in a body that doesn’t ‘operate’ and you wait desperately for the tech creators of whizzards & apps to recognize your need to communicate and explore..

What insanity creates the redundancy of 100,000 iPhone apps yet ignores our massive and growing aging population with a variety of physical challenges who are unable to use the proliferation of ever smaller, unintuitive tech gadgets and toys?

I need to answer and make ‘phone calls’, I need to explore the magnificent web, I want to read again, I want to watch the Documentary channel, I want to write poetry and journals about my life and experiences to enrich the lives of others. I am the virtual human, my limbs are virtually useless…WHERE THE HELL ARE MY GADGETS!

I did a little research and found gadgets for the hearing impaired and some for people who can’t use their hands.  Here are a few