What accessories and appliances should I use?

Posted on - Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

If you ever wondered where to find accessories and appliances that will work with your design and also comply with the TAS requirements for sinks and electric water coolers, here are some suggested items I found in the past”

1. Disposal that fits at accessible sink area with protective skirt:

This disposal is 12” high and it will fit behind the skirt that we usually put in front of the pipes for knee space.

2. Kid’s sink that meets TAS requirements for children.

a. Children’s sinks are required to have the faucet at 18” from the edge of the counter. This sink allows you to have it. The drinking piece can be changed so you don’t need to have it.

3. Apron for water cooler in order to have a 27” cane detection

If you ever have a situation where you can’t build an alcove for the water cooler, and it will be considered a protruding object, try putting a “skirt” on the unit that will be detectable by a cane. When you add the skirt, the high unit will reach the 27” required for cane detection. This company (Haws) has a couple of options (Model No. SK2 that fits their water cooler no. HWBFA8L). There are other companies, but this one had a photo for you to see.

Abadi Accessibility does not endorse any of these products. The information provided in this email is just for education purposes. There are other companies that have similar products that will work the same way.