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Posted on - Monday, March 2nd, 2015

In the 2010 ADA Standards, there is a section that discusses the size of the wheelchair accessible toilet compartment.  But what happens if you want to make the compartment bigger?  How does this affect the requirements? This newsletter will discuss the size of compartments and where the doors should be located.

If you want a bit more information on toilet compartments, I wrote about a bit more about it in my 2013 Newsletter

ADA 604.8 Toilet Compartment Doors

In a standard toilet compartment, the width of the stall must be a minimum of 60″ wide (if it has toe clearances on at least two sides).


The Door in such compartments must be located a maximum of 4″ from the side partition or wall farthest from the toilet if located on the front partition.


What happens if the width of the toilet compartment is larger than 60″?  Do we still have to keep the door 4″ from the side partition? Or is the sketch below allowed?


The 4″ maximum is required to ensure that the stall opening lines up with the wide side of the water closet when you have a 60″ wide stall.    The 4″ can be exceed IF the stall exceeds the minimum 60″ width requirement.

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