Autocad files of the 2010 ADA Figures

Posted on - Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

I have arranged the figures of the 2010 ADA in 24×36 format sheets that architects and designers can use for their construction documents.  They are not created with borders or layers and must be modified to fit the designer’s CAD standards.  Remember that these should not be used instead of specific details.  Your drawings should communicate your specific conditions and these figures are generic.

Click here for zip file of the 2010 ADA Figures as found in the Access Board’s website

Click here for the ADA 2010 Standard Sheets.  These are eight 24×36 sheets without layers, colors or borders.  They are divided into sections, where the unique conditions such as recreational facilities are on separate sheets.  These are created from the CAD files that the Access Board provided.  They are to be used within each designer’s working drawing structure and not as stand alone sheets.  They should be for information and reference only.