“I really appreciate how available Marcela makes herself to our firm and our clients. She graciously receives our questions regardless if we have retain her for services or not.

As an architect, you are always looking to solve a problem in new ways and Marcela’s creative, out of the box thinking proves valuable in helping us interpret the spirit of the code while allowing us the freedom to express our designs.”

March 26, 2009
Bob Borson
Architect at Bernbaum Magadini Architects, author of “Life of an Architect” blog

“Marcela is a dependable source for TAS guidance and delivers in a timely fashion. Her service is much relied upon.”

January 12, 2009
Lester Cox AIA LEED AP

“Marcela, Thank you so much for your constant support. We are extremely grateful of your gracious and professional advice”

Moore Design Group

“I have known Marcela for several years now and have nothing but good things to say about her. She is extremely ambitious, knowledgeable, and hard working. She has been a great inspiration and mentor to me as well. Marcela has a hunger for learning. If she doesn’t know, she will find out for you. For such a tiny frame, she sure has some spunk! I highly recommend Marcela for any architectural needs that you may have, especially with consultation for ADA compliance.”

January 13, 2009
Chris Fish
Architect at Creative Fish

“Marcela, you did a nice job on the AIA Accessibility Seminar! Thanks.

Raymond Harris
Raymond Harris and Associates

“Marcela is a highly experienced structural accessibility expert that will ensure your company complies with the all relevant laws in the most affordable manner possible. She is generous with her time and will work with other architects and business owners to educate them and determine cost-effective solutions. Marcela is also an accomplished architect who can take care of your full-spectrum design needs, and I highly recommend her for design and accessibility reviews.”

January 12, 2009
Kim Kozak, Consultant, ADA Strategist

“Marcela is a knowledgeable, experienced and competent ADA compliance professional. She is a generous person and a good communicator. It is a pleasure to work with her.”

-Nelson Arroyo
Real Estate Project Planning & Management at Sonro Capital Projects, LLC

“I hope your other clients tell you how much they appreciate you, not only for your expert knowledge, but for your time management. You present things in such a way – where it is straightforward. You manage to get back to people so quickly, it is awesome. You would be a great help to the State – if only they would implement your management style.”

Kathy Reilly, Daniels and Lovelady Architects

“Dear Marcela,
I have been in your presentation with AIA. I really appreciate your informative emails. Although I am not an architect, however,I enjoy reading your emails and I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you.”

MG Movassaghi, P.E., Ph. D.

“Thank you for the very informative NEWS.
Almost as good as Prince Valiant in the DMN.”

Pat Holden

All of us here at the office want to thank you so much for the session
on ADA and worship spaces. Your explanations make it all so clear unlike
the other classes on ADA that I have been to. We do hope that we will
engage your services at some time in the future.”

Ralph Duesing RA