TAS Inspection

Abadi Accessibility (AA) is pleased to offer Inspection Services on behalf of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Requests for inspection should include the following:

  1. Request for Inspection form (within 30 days of construction completion, but no later than one year after substantial completion. This form is required to be accompanied by the Owner Agent Designation Form , unless it is filled out by the Owner
  2. Payment in full for the work ordered, including TDLR filing fees. NOTE: inspection fees should be paid within 30 days of completion of construction (based on #16 of your registration form).
  3. If travel outside of the DFW area is required, additional fees will apply. Refer to this MAP for fees associated with each city.
  4. After fees are received, Abadi Accessibility will require up to 14 days to transfer the file from TDLR to our office. At that point we can schedule the inspection.

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