Q: Do I have to submit drawings 20 days after I seal them?

A: No, you are required to submit the drawings up to 20 days after they have been issued for construction or regulatory review (i.e. building permit). The date of the seal does not count for this requirement.

Q: If I send my drawings to a RAS, do I still have to send drawings to TDLR?

A: No. You can send your drawings to a RAS for review instead of to TDLR. She will keep your records for five years.

Q: Is it true that the ADA upgrades are tax deductible?

A: The Internal Revenue Code, as amended in 1990, allows a deduction of up to $15,000 per year for expenses associated with the removal of qualified architectural barriers. The amendment also permits eligible small businesses to receive a tax credit for certain costs of compliance with the ADA.

Q: If I do a renovation, do I have to bring the entire building into ADA compliance?

A: No, the only areas of the building that you have to bring up to compliance are the Accessible route, parking, restrooms, drinking fountains and public telephones that serve the altered area (given that the area is contains a primary function) and as it is readily achievable

Q: Does the same RAS that reviewed the project have to inspect it?

A: No. Although it is recommended that the same person do the inspection, it is not required. The client can choose a different RAS for the inspection.

Q: Does a sink in a work area have to be accessible?

A: No. The only accessibility requirement for a work area is the ability to enter, turn around and exit the space.

Q: If I have a building with a small mezzanine do I need an elevator.

A: If it is a true mezzanine by the definition found in the ADA, and it is located in a one story building, it will not require an accessible route.  Also, if the occupant load is 5 persons or less an accessible route is not required.  This is per Section 206.2.4 Exception #3

Q: Is there any place where I can get more information on ADA and TAS?

A: Yes. See the links below.

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